Hemp Shoes? Hemp Yeah!

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Hemp Shoes? Hemp Yeah!

Sanuk is Changing the Game for Eco-Conscious Comfort & Durability

If you didn’t know, hemp is stronger than cotton. However, once hemp textiles are broken in, it is just as soft, if not softer, than cotton. For those of you who love wearing canvas, cotton, vegan or cruelty-free textiles and haven’t tried hemp shoes, you are missing out. Once you find a good pair of hemp shoes you will never go back to cotton again – for the durability alone. There are even great hemp “five toe” walking shoes on the market. Take care of yourself by ensuring you are always using the highest quality fabric shoes.

With the hemp plant producing some of the strongest fibers on the market, it produces textiles that are absorb water better than cotton while retaining dyes while remaining breathable and durable.

Sanuk Donna Vegan Hemp Slip-On

Available Colors: Black, Olive Grey, Natural, Light Grey, Charcoal Grey, Tie Die, Wind Chime, White & Mineral Blue



Enter the Donna Hemp. These are made with hemp and other all-natural fabrics to create one of the most comfortable hemp shoes available. It can take a while to break in a pair of hemp shoes, but thanks to the perfected blend of fabrics, these shoes will only take a few short days to fully break-in.

These shoes are especially interesting because of their frayed look. The edges and seams are both frayed, providing a stylish look without sacrificing comfort.

Sanuk strives to make all of their shoe’s vegan-friendly, even using recycled components for the insoles and base. Due to their all-natural take on production, these shoes are also machine washable, meaning it’s always easy to break them in using the washer if you don’t want to wear them right away.

Sanuk Pair O Dice Flexible Hemp Canvas Slip-On

Available Colors: Desert Sage, Grey Ridge, Birch, Black, Natural, Urban Chic & Argon Oil

Starting at $29.95, these shoes are everything women want in a casual sneaker. They are stylish, cute, and comfortable enough to wear all day long. They come in nine different colors and feature an easy-to-slip-on feel thanks to the hemp upper. They are also machine washable.

The rubber sole on these shoes is very flexible, making them easy to navigate uneven terrain. Once you try these shoes you’ll want a pair in every color. It’s hard to find a good hemp shoe for women, but these are sure to be a fan favorite!

 Sanuk Conscious Comfort Hemp Slip-On

Available Colors: Natural

These all-natural shoes are the perfect combination of comfort and functionality. With a price tag of $54.99, like most of Sanuk’s lineup, these shoes are 100% natural. They are made from hemp, cork, latex, and and salvaged tire rubber.

These are the type of shoes you want to wear while relaxing on a Sunday afternoon. Although they are designed for lounging around, they are durable enough to wear anywhere. The bottom of the shoes are made from recycled tire rubber, meaning they will stand up well even if you must leave your home to run an errand.

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