Why Not? Check Out These Cannabis-Friendly Dating Sites

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Why Not? Check Out These Cannabis-Friendly Dating Sites

A simple Google search reveals thousands of results for dating & cannabis. As a result, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are plenty of dating sites popping up specifically designed to cater to cannabis enthusiasts. Searching for someone you can do this thing called life with on these platforms helps you avoid the frustration of feeding the chemistry you and someone share only to find out that your cannabis usage isn’t welcomed.

The modern dating scene is more accommodating to people with varied lifestyles and unique preferences. We have witnessed a rise in dating sites that offer a safe and criticism-free haven for people with varied passions and goals to date. Connecting to cannabis-friendly singles both on your smartphone and computer has never been so easy! These dating platforms for single cannabis users connects you to like-minded singles that have embraced the green lifestyle, presenting a golden opportunity for you to connect, establish, and grow relationships with fellow ganja lovers.

After all, cannabis is supposed to relax your mind and relieve you of your emotional burdens. The last hiccup a cannabis user wants is to meet someone, fall in like, only to have them turn their nose up at the sight of your vape pen.

Finding someone that would readily share a weed brownie with you rather than judge you for indulging is possible. Check out these 420-friendly sites that will help you get one step closer to finding “the one.”

High There

High There is one of the top-rated cannabis dating platforms that provide a friendly environment for cannabis enthusiasts and users to socially network. High There presents a new virtual world where cannabis users can meet and build relations without being judged or discriminated against.

With hundreds of thousands of subscribers, High There offers an all-in-one cannabis-friendly business network, social media platform, and dating app. On High There, you’ll find the latest cannabis news and reviews of marijuana products. You can also connect and discuss important topics related to life, liberty and the pursuit of cannabis.

Launched in 2015, this dating and social networking platform is on a mission to provide a safe and judgmental-free haven for cannabis users to interact and make the most of their time. It is often touted as one of the best platforms where cannabis users won’t face unnecessary negativity, rash questions and piss poor attitudes experienced on other social networking and social media platforms.

Located in Denver, Colorado High There has stood the test of time as one of the best cannabis-friendly platforms that suit the dating and networking needs of cannabis users and enthusiasts. This site offers much more than sending hookup requests, it also allows you meet new people while immersing yourself in cannabis culture. Here, you can learn about pop culture, legal reform, and medical research. High There combines swipe right/left Tinder features with informational and educational aspects to help you find potential partners. You can also utilize their local dispensary finder and read product reviews.

Top Benefit:

Questions revolve around the type of interaction you want, emphasizing not just who you are, but how you want to feel

Major Disadvantage:

Users are at liberty to use any photo and/or name combination they choose, which could result in fake profiles

420 Mate

420 was established some years back by Miguel Lorenzo, a cannabis consumer who had experienced hard times finding love. The idea was to develop an online dating platform that eliminated the judgmental and holier-than-thou attitude exhibited by singles on other online dating platforms. A site that was only a village-like networking site a few years ago, now connects millions of users from over 88 countries.

420 Mate is one of the biggest and most trusted dating sites that offer a cannabis-friendly dating environment for singles to find and build relationships. The site has your unique dating needs in mind if you’re among the avid marijuana users that haven’t found the dating scene accommodating.

If you’re looking for a site where your social status or profession isn’t the first line of questioning, then this is for you. My 420 Mate is as traditional as dating sites come. Once you sign up, you set up your profile, fill in your personal information, and answer marijuana-related questions. These questions range from your preferred strains to reasons for consumption and even your preferred intake method.

Top Benefit:

This user-friendly platform has thousands of stoners searching for long-term love, hookups or friendship

Major Disadvantage:

No proof of identity or verification is needed to sign up with this platform

420 Singles

Owned and run by Ryan, a single cannabis user, 420 Singles is a fast-growing dating site targeting single stoners. It’s the dating site for you to meet, share ideas while building relationships with people with a similar ganja passion. Unfortunately, 420 Singles primarily targets US-based potheads, so it may not suit the dating needs of people in other world countries.

Also touting a similar user-friendly interface and design like Tinder, featuring the swipe left/right function allows you to link to members sharing similar interests and goals. One of the best features about this no-frills platform is that it matches users with other cannabis lovers by implementing an eccentric and extensive list of questions that one would ask while their high – awesome feature!

Top Benefit:

Profiles are kept private and the ability to report spam profiles is available

Major Disadvantage:

In order to exchange messages with a potential suitor, you must be matched to them first


Originally launched in 1995 as a singles-matching website, Match has evolved into one of the leading dating sites connecting avid cannabis users with other singles. Previously, the website didn’t emphasize the dating needs of cannabis users. It was only a dating site matching singles with other singles regardless of their lifestyle inclinations. The move to curtail the stigma and judgment cannabis users faced while searching for singles to date pushed Match into integrating the dating needs of cannabis enthusiasts as well.

Loved worldwide for its superb app functionality and plethora of potential matches, the profile layout presents data in an organized way, ensuring easy and quick accessibility. The platform’s powerful matching algorithms will be sure to suggest people with a similar ganja passion, among other important attributes.

Top Benefit:

This platform is not just online, Match hosts several local events, including Match Nights, enabling singles to connect better

Major Disadvantage:

Trial membership has multiple barriers and limitations which could lower your chances of having a successful match


OkCupid has one of the most efficient algorithms and a fun-centric questionnaire. Like all dating platforms, OKCupid is created with each member’s dating needs and lifestyle in mind. The site does not just connect you with just any potential date, when signing up, you’ll be required to answer questions relevant to your preferred dating scene along with personal preferences. You’ll need to describe sexual inclination, educational level, personality and whether you’re a weed smoker.

The system saves all these details, which the hard-working algorithm uses to match you to a date that complements your unique dating needs and lifestyle. From there, you are perfectly positioned to discover users dedicated to 420 and casual connections. The cannabis-related questions will enable the system to collect and keep your details to match you with members that have similar cannabis passions.

Top Benefit:

Robust way to identify yourself boasting more than 20 sexual orientations and more than 10 gender identities to choose from

Major Disadvantage:

Loose restrictions for creating profiles and sending messages

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