Cannabis Convo Corner - Bee Here, and I'm Buzzing to Get to Know You!

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Cannabis Convo Corner - Bee Here, and I'm Buzzing to Get to Know You!

Welcome to the Cannabis Convo Corner, with me, Bee. I’m a passionate advocate for cannabis and work to dive into all of the good the plant can do. Here, I will be getting up close and personal with reform advocates, medical cannabis patients, "cannapreneurs", workers, and ordinary everyday consumers responsible for steering the ever-evolving market to new highs (excuse the pun, but I saw an opportunity!)

A Little Bit About Bee

My passion for cannabis stems from my opioid addiction, which I developed after years of being prescribed painkillers to relieve scoliosis-related pain. After two eight-hour surgeries that saw specialist spinal surgeons remove my discs to fuse (and straighten) my spine with titanium pins and rods, I was prescribed a wide variety of medicines and opioid painkillers.

By the age of 18, it became apparent that I had developed an opioid addiction. My desperation for physical comfort even prompted me to seek out illegal narcotics from black market sellers — a move that eventually led to other avenues of addiction. Thankfully, I discovered cannabis and finally managed to completely substitute opioids for joints.

Keen to share my story and educate others on medical cannabis, I decided to channel my energy into the world of cannabis journalism. At 25, seven years after I initially started freelance writing for global brands on an endless spectrum of topics, I took a leap of faith into the cannabis sector.

Since then, I’ve written for a wide variety of publications and worked closely with a pro-cannabis movement group here in Bali, Indonesia, where I have been residing as a digital nomad for the past six years. The group, Lingkar Ganja Nusantara (Cannabis Circle Archipelago) is pushing for cannabis reform in Indonesia, where drug trafficking is still punishable by the death penalty.

After interviewing the LGN team, I published a feature article about their lobbying efforts in High Times Magazine.

I maintain close ties with the owner of LGN, Dhira Narayana, who is famed for his advocacy efforts across the country. One day, I truly believe that cannabis will be available to everyone… even here in Bali. To ensure that this happens, people just like you and me must have access to unbiased cannabis-related facts.

People are the driving force behind the success of the cannabis industry, which constituted a  $13.2 USD billion global market in 2021. Thanks to ongoing innovations in research and product development, the cannabis consumer demographic is rapidly expanding. From  Baby Boomers  to Millennials, there's an element of the cannabis industry to suit everyone.

Since 93% of people seek out opinions, reviews, and advice before buying/trying a new product, the importance of real consumer experiences cannot be underestimated. Without consumer insights, the global cannabis industry wouldn't have progressed to the level that it has so far.

Each week in the Cannabis Convo Corner, you'll get the inside scoop on a different person's story and insights into cannabis. These stories are aimed to inspire, educate, and encourage anyone who might be on the fence about trying cannabis for the first time to make informed decisions, whether it's related to choosing a specific type of product, finding the perfect consumption method, or tracking down a strain best-suited to one’s personal preferences/health needs.

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