Edible Review: Kanha gummies, Tranquility – Formulated for SleepCannabis Journal

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Edible Review: Kanha gummies, Tranquility – Formulated for SleepCannabis Journal

Kanha is a familiar cannabis brand on the edibles shelves in California. They create a wide variety of flavors and effects. Their sleep variety – Tranquility is probably my favorite from them. They have a unique combination of cannabinoids that have been effective in helping me to fall and stay asleep. While they aren’t my only ingredient to a restful night, they are a cannabis product that I enjoy adding to my bedtime routine.


Packaging: 7/10 – It’s nice but...

It can be hard to open and easy to not close correctly. This leads the gummies to get stale, which is not an issue if you’re eating one a day but can be if you only take them occasionally as needed. The design is classic to Kanha, which is a recognizable brand for most California cannabis consumers. This variety is in their CBD line.

Touch & Texture: 8/10 – They got that classic sugar-covered gummy texture.

They’ve got a little bounce to them and are lightly covered with sugar.


Smell: 8/10 – Blueberry Raspberry is a fruity combo.

These smell like blue flavoring, which some love and some hate. It’s nostalgic for me, so I don’t mind. 


Flavor & Mouthfeel: 8/10 – A bit chewy but still a sweet treat.

Compared to other gummies I’ve had, these are on the chewy side for consistency, but they taste fine. Definitely get the blue flavoring coming through.


Potency: 10/10 – They did what they were formulated to do for me.

These are a unique formulation – 5mg THC, 5mg CBD, and 5mg CBN. I always found that THC and CBN were effective in keeping me asleep, while CBD helped me to fall asleep. This combo is ideal for me as someone who struggles to sleep in various ways. I have come back to this product on a few occasions. I do find that they help me to sleep better.

Comfort: 10/10 – A quick bedtime delight. 

Gummies are the fastest, tastiest, and easiest way to consume cannabis for bed.

Value: 7/10 – I'd prefer more pieces in a bag for the same price.

These gummies retail for about $18-$22ish for a bag of 50mg each of THC, CBD, and CBN. That’s about the same price as a 100mg bag of THC edibles. CBD and CBN tend to be more expensive, so I can see how this product is the same price for a wider variety of cannabinoids. But I don’t always use these gummies because they can be pricey for the dosage in the bag.

Each bag has ten pieces, so if I want to take one a night, I need 3 bags for the month, which would be around $60, give or take for the month. 

My best budtender tip is to wait for days at your dispensary when edibles go on sale. Most shops I’ve visited in California have some sort of “Munchie Monday” or “Tasty Thursday,” where all or some selected varieties go on sale. Take advantage of that!

Overall: 8.2/10 – They are consistent and do help me sleep.

Kanha is a staple brand because they make consistently good products. This sleep variety is my favorite of what they have to offer. It truly is the unique ratio that has been ideal for adding to my nighttime routine. I have bought them before, and I’m sure I’ll buy them again.

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