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I was born and raised In Los Angeles, California. The sun is always shining and the ocean stays beautiful year-round. Despite the fast-paced work environment, many people are actually quite...

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Good Pot, Bad Pot

Hello cannabis enthusiasts, and welcome to Tea Time with Toby! Here, we’ll be testing and reviewing some of the finest cannabis products, and I’ll give my two cents about the applicability of these products in daily life.

Finding the cannabis products that work best for you and your environment is a key factor in elevating your experience. Personally, I look for the best cannabis products to keep me going while working out, keep me actively engaged in social gatherings, and keep me focused but relaxed when I’m by myself.

I was born and raised In Los Angeles, California. The sun is always shining and the ocean stays beautiful year-round. Despite the fast-paced work environment, many people are actually quite relaxed here. This is because California is home to the loosest marijuana laws in the world.

It’s actually cheaper to buy cannabis as a med card holder in California – you even get a tax discount when shopping – and it takes only a short call to a cannabis hotline or a short drive to your local cannabis doctor to get certified.

Like many young lads from the land of angels, my cannabis journey began when I received my first med card. I used cannabis recreationally, and took satisfaction in these new sensations that elevated my physical and mental experiences.

The days of blissfully smoking weed passed when I moved to Seattle for college. I was not medically certified in the state of Washington – so purchasing THC products was out of the question.

I immediately moved into a fraternity and lived there my first year. That made weed… accessible. However, me and frat weed didn’t mesh.

I remember sitting on a couch in my Seattle fraternity, mind foggy and limbs splayed limply over the cushions. The weed I’d smoked the night before left me feeling more like mush than man. A mindless couch-dweller. It had come with none of the existential head and body high I’d been familiar with for years back in LA. For the first time in my life, I was disappointed with how cannabis made me feel.

Perhaps you’ve been where I’ve been. Maybe you thought about ditching weed altogether. Cannabis should make you feel good, not bad.

The thing is: cannabis is personal. I’m an athlete – I love soccer, weightlifting, and calisthenics – but at the end of the day, I want to chill out with friends, put soccer highlights on the TV, and decompress with a homerolled joint. Finding those products that allow me to relax but remain mentally present has taken a lot of trial and error – years of it, in fact. In Tea Time with Toby, I hope to demystify cannabis, and enable for you the transformative, euphoric experiences that you deserve, without the pitfalls I’ve endured along the way.

I used to smoke Connected’s Gelonade strain before working out. ‘Smoking before you work out? This man must be crazy!’ Well, this strain embodied all the ideals of sativa. It provided me with pure untapped energy that allowed me to excel in my fitness goals for the day and push me further. While this used to be fairly priced at around $30, the company changed to growing indoors, which caused the price to more than double. Right now, Connected is only available from dispensaries across California. Beyond fitness goals, there are a few things I look for in cannabis.

  1. I like to ease into my high. Even when I’m smoking, if I’m left disoriented on the first few puffs, something’s off, and I know this one isn’t for me.
  2. I want to feel alive when I’m by myself and when I’m around friends. If a product makes me feel unreasonably drowsy, or turns me back into the unproductive pile of mush I was in Seattle, it’s not my cup of tea.
  3. And when I’m coming down, I’m looking for a smooth landing. Cannabis should leave your mind feeling clean, not groggy.
Cannabis is an emerging industry, and there are plenty of bad apples out there. There are also many wonderful THC and CBD products – high quality flowers, relaxing topicals, and delicious edibles – so join me for Tea Time with Toby each week, and let me be your guide.
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