NotPot Pet Parent Duo Review

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NotPot Pet Parent Duo Review

I have a big, hairy, lovable dog named Atlas. We both deal with mild anxiety and skin issues. We also both enjoy a little CBD in our life. As the cannabinoid has become more popular, plenty of hemp-derived options for supplements have popped up on both pet store shelves as well as beauty products selves. He and I have tried various options, but nothing has ever wowed us.

I've never repurchased a hemp-based product before, but NotPot changed that. The Pet Parent Duo comes with two 1000mg hemp-derived CBD oils, the Glow Oil for you and the Pet Oil for your furry friend. They also throw in a fashionable bandana and some stickers so that you can keep the vibe.

From branding to effects to value, this Pet Parent Duo is an excellent addition to you and your pet's wellness routine. I enjoyed the Glow Oil as a topical for my face and hands-- it's lightweight and moisturizing. As a supplement, it adds the right amount of chill to my ever-changing busy days, and the Pet Oil added a little pep in Atlas's step. The duo allowed us to enjoy the chill and experience longer, relaxing walks together.


10/10, I'm obsessed! The packaging is so cute!

I love the vibrant colors and the retro font. The CBD Glow Oil is a neon green bottle with matching packaging, while the Pet Oil is a fun, lively orange. The packaging also clearly lists ingredients and suggested uses. Ingredients are simple. Each oil is infused with organic USA-grown hemp. The Glow Oil is made with sativa hemp seed oil (Vegan and sustainability sourced), and the Pet Oil is made with organic salmon oil. The bandana comes in a sweet matching orange envelope and reads "Big Dog Energy," perfect for my 85-pound pooch. The sticker set is super bright and colorful and has badass phrases like "Chill AF" and "Free Plants and People!”

Touch & Texture:

10/10 - It's hydrating without feeling heavy or leaving an oily residue behind.

Glow Oil can be used both orally and topically. The oil used is sativa hemp oil. Since my skin can be sensitive, and I'm experiencing a few breakouts, I need to be careful. So I investigated whether any estheticians or scientists researched how sativa hemp oil affects the skin. There are many good listicles about hemp oil and its benefits for the skin, but I wanted to dive deeper.

I ended up finding a study that says it may help reduce inflammation on the skin like acne. This study eased my hesitation a bit, so I tried it topically.

I put it on my cuticles (a suggested use on their site) and my skin at night as an oil. A little goes a long way and is light on the skin. On the cuticles, it rubbed in nicely. As a face oil, I liked that my skin didn't feel extra oily when I woke up, and it didn't seem to aggravate my acne, which is always a plus.


7/10 - It's super earthy and green.

Like the healthiest green smoothie you've ever smelled. It's not for everyone. Do I hate it? No, but I also don't love it. 

Flavor & Mouthfeel

7/10 - Refer back to the earthy smell. That's exactly how it tastes.

But then again, I've never heard anyone rave about the taste of tinctures. Once again, though, it's not terribly bad. I'm here for the calming sensation, not the yummy flavors. I think Atlas might also agree. He's not big on anything salmon-based for treats. However, he will come and sit when I'm ready to give him a dose of Pet Oil. He just doesn't look particularly thrilled.


10/10 – For a hemp-based product, it's super chill for me and keeps my dog happy.

I think of hemp as more of a supplement in my life. Considering I'm a frequent cannabis user, I think it's pretty usual that I need a good amount of hemp to feel any real effects on my demeanor. So I'm always a bit hesitant about whether or not a hemp product will work for me.

I tried this only over a couple weeks orally. As a daily supplement, I actually really enjoyed it. A quarter of a dropper didn't affect me much; half a dropper was the sweet spot -- which is about 15mg, a dose on the lighter end for me. It seemed to ease any sort of daily anxiety. I did turn to this product on a day when I was super stressed out, right before I took Atlas on a walk and bumped it up to a full dropper. And let me tell you, I was walking lightly on my feet and enjoying the sunshine.

As for Atlas, please keep in mind he is a young 6-year-old Husky/Golden Retriever. While he is generally calm in his behavior, he gets rambunctions on walks and especially during bath time. So those were my actual tests for him and the Pet CBD Oil.

I gave him half to a full dropper depending on the day and activity. During our walks and his bath, the oil gave a little more pep to his step rather than chilling him out.

But that's also okay! Hemp-derived supplements may not only help with a pet's anxiety, but it can also help with skin and mobility issues. His mix of breeds tends to have both the latter matters. So I've been using it more as a supplement to keep his coat and joints healthy. He's looking and feeling youthful!


9/10 - Easy to use, careful with travel.

Okay, it's super easy to use this product. The Glow Oil is taken orally right under the tongue. It's super easy to apply it topically directly to your skin or mix it with another product like a lotion or a drink. The Pet Oil I administer directly to Atlas in his mouth. You can add it to your pet's food, but Atlas is on a free-feeding schedule, so I give the oil to him when I feel he needs it.

One of the biggest takeaways from trying this product is that I'm keeping it at home. I took the bottles in my bag to the pet store for Atlas's bath, and I forgot to close the lid tightly, so the oil leaked into my bag. It was a bummer because I really liked this product, and oil is always annoying to get off of anything. It also continued to leak through the lid no matter how much I wiped it clean.


10/10 - Value, insane. $69 gets you free shipping, two 1000mg tinctures, a dope bandana, and cute ass stickers.

The CBD Glow Oil is $42, and the Pet CBD Oil is $35 when purchased individually. These prices are on the lower end compared to other brands with similar mg dosage. Then, you save about $5 when you buy the duo, BUT you also get a cute set of stickers AND an adorable bandana for your dog. NotPot also charges $0 for shipping over $40.


9/10  -I have never said I would repurchase a hemp-based product. But I truly enjoyed the effects, the aesthetics, and the price of the NotPot Pet Parent Duo package. I will be purchasing it again once we run out.

It's a product I'll also recommend for other pet owners and furry friends.

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