Tea Time - Chicken Teriyaki and Jeeter's Joint

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Tea Time - Chicken Teriyaki and Jeeter's Joint

It was another summer evening. The day had passed and the want for debaucherous and degenerate pleasures was at its peak – it was my friends last night in Los Angeles. And there’s no better way to say goodbye than by going out with a bang and smoking the top-selling pre-roll on the market.

Jeeter seemed the obvious choice for pre-rolls, at least according to Headset.io best Pre-Rolls and New Frontier Data Top 5 Pre-Rolls. After arriving at my local dispensary, the Farmacy, the budtender recommended the Orange Soda strain, insisting that we’ll have a fun night with this perfectly balanced hybrid. This roll was infused with liquid diamonds (live resin sauce mixed with crystalized structures), distillate oil, and kief. We were eager to try it out, but you have to start with food. We all got chicken teriyaki and drove to a nearby park.

We pulled into a nearby park, illuminated only by public lights, and eventually settled at a table. As an alternative to ‘saying grace’, we popped out the Jeeter pre-roll, opened the packaging, sparked the toke, and awaited a good night.

After taking a couple of hits, my friend passed the toke my way. Upon taking my first puff, I was taken back by the powerful burst of smoke and the sweet taste of orange accompanying it.

The taste of orange somehow brought up the topic of ‘seeing emotions as colors.’ A ‘deep’ yet meaningless conversation ensued:

“I generally associate blue with feelings of sadness, like when you’re feeling blue you know?"

“It depends on the kind of blue, I associate turquoise with calmness and serenity.”

“True that and orange is always sweet.”

“Or hot…”

It was then that we realized – we were toasted.

Amidst this conversation, I paused on passing the pre-roll. Realizing we had only finished half of the roll after passing it for over 10 minutes now, we began to wonder why we were nearing our limits. How could this be possible?

I grabbed the pre-roll container and eyeballed the label. It all became clear – this pre-roll was a heaping 2 grams. It was, in fact, a Jeeter XL.

Another thought dawned on us… we still hadn’t eaten our food. We stared at the sweet teriyaki before us and proceeded to devour it in utter silence and bliss.

It was a nice and relaxing send-off before our final year of college. I’m glad that I spent this night with two of my good friends. Although it was meant for 6 people, I enjoyed puffing on this Jeeter XL-infused pre-roll with them. It enabled a good conversation, it tasted quite nice, and the food that had escaped our forethought was delicious. 


Very nice packaging. It had a simple design, but most importantly it kept my joint fresh.


Touch and Texture:

The pre-roll felt a little larger than normal (now we know why) but it was nonetheless quite nice. It is hard to judge this category for a pre-roll as I can only feel the paper.



Smelt very nice, like a freshly picked orange on a mild summer day: 


Flavor and Mouthfeel:

My friend pointed out the taste of orange almost immediately. This taste was accompanied by a very smooth hit which allowed for a great experience. 



Have you ever just been talking with someone during a sesh and then suddenly one of you mentions how baked you are? This is exactly what happened. Between 3 seasoned stoners, we ended up finishing a little over half of the pre-roll.

I’ve had some experience with diamonds in the past and they are very strong. Accompanied by the kief and oil, the total THC percentage is 36% making it an absolute beast of a roll. If this were any other era I would give it a 10/10 but we live in a time where there are strains that enter the 40% range. 



It was much stronger than anticipated. If a 1 is ‘This roll makes me feel uncomfortable in my skin and a 10 enables good conversation, feelings of happiness, and simply makes you feel good. While I was zooted I did remain present in conversation. I was able to tell clear stories, I did not feel feel tired, and I appreciated my tree-filled surroundings. 



It’s an expensive pre-roll. The 1g version sells for $18 while this version sells for $36. This will get the whole group high and can probably sustain between 5-7 people. If you divide that price up it’s between $5-7 a person. To me, this isn’t all too bad, but you are also paying for the premium quality of this brand. There are cheaper options out there as well:


Overall Score: 9.2/10

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