Tea Time - Edibles, The Forbidden Fruit

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Tea Time - Edibles, The Forbidden Fruit

I decided to take a break from my usual regimen of ‘smoked greens’ in favor of a healthier alternative: edibles. I never really got into them before. I’m impatient so I crave the immediate hit of tried and true (and cost effective) joints. Edibles take deviously long to kick in and I always seem to overestimate my tolerance.

The key differences between smoking and ingesting are how long they take to hit and how long they last in your system. Smoking weed has an immediate effect. Edibles generally take between thirty minutes to an hour to hit. Smoking gives you a high that lasts one to two hours on average, while the high from ingesting edibles generally lasts between six to eight.

For my first product review, I sampled the Sour Apple Gummies from Wyld. I see this brand at every dispensary across LA so I thought I'd finally give it a try.

I asked the budtender for the most energizing edible in stock. Without hesitation she grabbed the Sour Apple Wyld gummies from the shelf. The unique octagon shaped packaging was enticing, as was the 100mg ‘sativa enhancement.’

I popped a 10mg edible and they wowed me – these gummies taste way too good. Call me crazy but I don’t want my edibles tasting too good. Would you ever eat one Skittle or two jelly beans? No, you wouldn’t. You eat a handful. Edibles are the forbidden fruit, and - regardless of taste - eating too many will have immediate consequences.

The gummies surprisingly hit within 30 minutes and proved to be more of a head high. I was trying to work out after taking them, and they didn’t help much.I felt that I couldn’t fully commit myself to the workout, but my oh my was that sunset beautiful.

The Wyld sour apple gummies seemed to work a lot better for relaxation and meditation rather than fitness.

My head felt a little foggy, my eyes were beginning to shut, but I didn’t fall asleep. It took me to a more blissful, peace-of-mind state. Sativa is more likely to make your heart beat faster but instead it was completely normal.

I recommend giving this edible a try. There does seem to be some variation in how they hit - other people experience more body high than I did - but that’s because there’s always a personal element to how cannabis hits. The only true way to understand its effects is to try it yourself!

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