Tea Time - Not Pot Gel and Sleep Gummy Guide

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Tea Time - Not Pot Gel and Sleep Gummy Guide

Most fitness buffs emphasize the importance of restful sleep for both muscle recovery and muscle growth. I sought out the Not Pot CBD Gel and the Sleep CBD Gummies in order to see the effects post workout and before bed.

CBD is a cannabinoid extracted from hemp. It can come in different forms such as pills, lotion, gel, and gummies. It has gained popularity in recent years and is attributed to many health benefits.

Study of the clinical effects of CBD are still in early stages but it is empirically linked to muscle recovery and increased sleep. In fact, many individuals have reported that CBD aided users in the act of falling asleep and REM sleep. 

CBD is also an anti-inflammatory, which can be used to reduce muscle soreness, joint pain, and even arthritis. 

This begs the question: does the Not Pot CBD Gel reduce muscle soreness and do the Not Pot CBD gummies aid in a restful sleep?

The Not Pot CBD Gel

First, let's examine the ingredients. The Not Pot CBD Gel contains natural ingredients such as aloe vera, yerba mate extract, magnesium sulfate (which is proven to aid in muscle soreness), and of course, Sativa hemp extract. 

I tested the CBD Gel after an intense bodyweight training session.

I rubbed some of the Gel on my astoundingly sore shoulders. What began as a cold refreshing feeling eventually turned into warmth in that area. This sensation lasted for about 30 minutes. I was left with reduced soreness by the end of that experience. 

While I intended to see the effectiveness for fitness purposes something very unexpected happened – my dad got into a car accident. Luckily, there were no serious injuries besides some scrapes and a stiff neck.

After seeing the Not Pot products in the mail he asked if he could try the Gel for himself. 

From his words – “It gave me relief. It felt like a deep warmth. It loosened up everything to the point where I felt I had more mobility. I would definitely buy the gel again.” 

He ended up keeping the gel for himself.

Both my Dad and I felt positive effects from the Not Pot CBD Gel. I highly recommend the product.


Packaging - 10: Fun rocket pop colored packaging!

Touch and Texture - 10: Feels like Gel! 

Smell - 9: I would give it a 10, it smells like tiger balm which I associate with root beer. I’m just not sure it’s for everyone

Flavor and Mouthfeel - N/A

Potency - 10: Very potent, you will feel this Gel take effect within minutes.

Comfort - 10: It doesn’t hurt I promise

Value - 11: This magic gel works and it only costs $22. With natural ingredients and 500mg of CBD this is definitely worth the buy.

The Not Pot CBD Gummies

The Sleep CBD Gummies contain very few ingredients – 20mg of CBD, 3mg of Melatonin, and a few others for taste and texture.

I was really excited to try these gummies as I’ve had some restless nights that have left me bedridden and unwilling to seize the day.

I have used the CBD gummies a few times now and found that they take effect very quickly.

Taking one before bed, the sleep inducing effects kick in within 10-30 minutes but this definitely depends on the person. I certainly felt rested in the morning and vivid dreams excited my night.

It is important to note that it is generally recommended to take melatonin in moderation. Finding the right amount for you whether it be the full gummy, half a gummy, or even a quarter can minimize the potential downsides such as grogginess or disorientation the next day.

If you want to change your sleep schedule, have insomnia, or adapt to a new time zone then I highly recommend using the Not Pot CBD Gummies. They work fast, put you to sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed. What is there not to like? 

Packaging - 7: Colorful and pretty packaging. However, the gummies did come slightly melted.

Touch and Texture - 10: It felt like a gummy. 

Smell - 9: Almost smell like gummies! 

Flavor and Mouthfeel - 10: A little softer than your average gummy, but feel normal.

Potency - 10: You will feel these gummies. As I said earlier, find the right amount to take for you. Half a gummy is plenty for me.

Comfort - 8: It works for sleep as advertised, no question.

Value - 8: 30 gummies for 30 beautiful nights of sleep for $30 (Well 60 nights for me since I take half a gummy). Seems worth it to me.
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