Up Your Joint-Care Game at Any Age

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Up Your Joint-Care Game at Any Age

The old adage when it comes to joint care (pun intended), is that it only becomes a problem when you are growing into your centenarian years. However, if you have an active and busy lifestyle, chances are you aren’t willing, or at least don’t want to, give up on your eventful schedule for many years to come. “More than 32.5 million adults have osteoarthritis (OA)-related joint pain, aching, stiffness, or limited mobility,” says Michael W. Smith, MD. “But you can have stiff joints without OA. In fact, you can have stiff joints without any clear cause.” This means you, yes you, 25-year old mom on the move with soccer practice and play dates. And you, 45-year old womanpreneur hustling from meeting to meeting with no gap in her schedule. Could be from wearing the wrong shoes, sleeping in the wrong position or taking your favorite yoga class. Joint pain is not limited to daily strain, in fact common occurrences are also found with previous injury to bones or joints including fractures and torn ligaments.

No matter the cause, the stiff truth is when joint pain shows up, it hits hard and hits often. Hemp products has proven to have anti-inflammatory effects for chronic conditions including arthritis. There are many choices on the market, but whatever you choose, remember the anti-inflammatory effects are cumulative. If you want to experience long-lasting effects, make sure you invest enough time into whatever you choose to find what works best for you and your body.

Our 2 Favorite Anti-Inflammatory Busters from Amazon

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Hempactiv Joint & Muscle Relief Cream

Active Ingredients: Hemp oil, sunflower seed oil, cocoa butter and menthol

Boasting all natural ingredients, the hemp and menthol work in tandem to reduce soreness in popular areas where tension accumulates like knees, back and shoulders. The consistency is lightweight which supports easy absorption and doesn’t leave a sticky or long-lasting fragrant residue. While the menthol can be a bit overwhelming, what it lacks in a desirable odor, it definitely makes up for in its many benefits.

I used this product specifically to target lower back pain and with consist use (2x per day), weren’t disappointed. With this product I was able to wake up well rested and in a good position to start my morning yoga. Keep in mind, a little does go a long way, so use sparingly. Other users have reported that it aids with pain related to sciatica, herniated discs, lasting pain from surgery and torn ligaments.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Seed Oil

Active Ingredients: Cold pressed hemp seed oil

How do you hemp? We like ours in smoothies. There are numerous reasons why this product is an Amazon top rated favorite, but for us, being cold-pressed makes us interested. The art of cold-pressing products helps to retain the rich nutrients of the hemp seed and sets this product apart from its competitors. Hemp seed oil has a aromatic, nutty flavor, so with a recommended serving size of 1 tablespoon, digesting this as a shot was a bit much for some of the Blyss Team, so we decided to blend this with our favorite protein of the moment, Hemp Yeah! into our daily smoothies.

Hemp oil is often reveled as having immediate anti-inflammatory results, this product didn’t disappoint. We were able to immediately feel better and move better not just for ease of movement for the body, but we had multiple reports of enhanced mental clarity. Some users also experienced great results with adding this to their beauty routine in the form of facial, hair and nail treatments.

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