5 Tips for Smoking Weed for the First Time

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5 Tips for Smoking Weed for the First Time

In my time spent budtending, I was always excited to help first-time cannabis users. It’s an honorable feeling to take part in someone’s first go with weed. It’s cool to know that people in legal states can access information from experts, budtenders, and even the internet to maximize the experience.

Here are 5 of the tips I always give to first-time cannabis consumers looking to enjoy infusing cannabis into one of their favorite activities:

1: Know what you’re consuming.

Before you partake in any ganja, feel free to ask questions, especially if you didn’t purchase the product yourself. Utilize budtenders and product descriptions if you’re shopping at a dispensary.

I love questions. What am I smoking? The cultivar-- is it Jack Herer, Chem Dawg, Skittlez?, Category –– does it feel like a ‘body heavy’ indica, or am I feeling a little more stimulated like Sativa's are supposed to feel? Dosage – What is the cannabinoid content? How many milligrams of CBD or THC is in this gummy? Type– Is this an infused pre-roll? Am I dabbing a live resin or sauce?

You don’t have to ask any of these either, but sometimes it’s just nice to know before you go along for a ride. I’ve had plenty of occasions hitting a random bowl only to find out it was something way more potent than I was prepared for.

2: Start with a mild to moderate dosage.

If edibles seem like the safer route, start there. If you’d rather hit a joint a couple of times to see if you like it, that’s dope too. Always keep the low and slow motto in mind, though, because it’s much easier to get a little higher slowly as you enjoy the flow than riding out the high if it’s unpleasant.

3: Stop when you’re comfortable.

Sometimes you just need one hit, and sometimes the whole joint. As long as you’re safely consuming, it’s really a matter of preference how much you choose to consume.

The first time, I hit the joint once because I was nervous but didn’t feel anything. The next time I hit it too many times and freaked out. Take a hit or a few and wait a few minutes, or 2.5-5 mg of THC edibles and wait for 2 hours to see how you feel. 

Also, know that sometimes it takes a few sessions to get the right vibe. It won’t feel exactly the same each time. The psychoactive adventure depends on a few variables in both your body and your weed.

4: Grab drinks and some snacks.

There has never been a time I regretted doing this before partaking in cannabis. I get thirsty 100% of the time. Maybe you won’t always be hungry depending on the day, but a safe snack stash is better than none. Especially if it’s your first time or you’re trying to be mindful of what you’re eating – fill up that water bottle, cut up that fruit, order that takeout, or make that meal. It’s the worst to be trying to enjoy a good laugh or chill sesh and have a dry ass mouth.

5: Have a safe place to chill.

If you’ve never partaken before, confirm you’re in a place where you could get cozy for an hour or two – the worst-case scenario. Pro tip: A bathroom is super clutch to have access to as well because it'll be handy if you get thirsty and do drink a lot of liquids. I’ve been stuck at one too many random parks with nowhere to pee before. Other stoners have also noted the pleasures of a stoned bathroom experience.

Just remember, it’s a temporary sensation.

The reality of getting high for the first time is that you won’t know how you will feel until you do it. But you can take steps to make sure it’s at least as comfortable a venture as possible. Whatever type of high you have, know it will come to an end, and taking steps to guarantee you’re safe and comfortable ahead of time will give you even more peace of mind. Promise. 

If you’re smoking a vape, bong, bowl, or joint, the high shouldn’t last more than a couple of hours or so. Edibles and tinctures tend to linger longer into the 5-6 hour range or longer. Plan your day accordingly.

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