Oh, Oh, Honestly - Did He Orgasm Already? Keep the Magic Going with Delta 8

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Oh, Oh, Honestly - Did He Orgasm Already? Keep the Magic Going with Delta 8

You know what’s really great about my partner? He’s got impressive stamina. He can go and go and keep going some more. After many years of 6 minute sexual encounters, I feel lucky as fuck to have a man that’s the Energizer Bunny of romps in the sack.

It’s really fantastic love-making!

There was a recent session, however, in which he was less Energizer Bunny and more the Hare from that old fable. Before my buzz had even fully kicked in, he was done. He came in under 5 minutes, and I was surprised. Shocked, even.

When I consume cannabis, I feel an increased presence, sensitivity, and libido, which sometimes makes me orgasm quickly. Since we were sharing our D8 vape pen as we were stripping down, I suppose it affected him in the same way.

Delta 8 Sativa is one of my favorites, especially for daytime use. As the vapor gently hits the back of my throat, both my mind and my body relax. Mentally, my overthinking brain can slow down, allowing me to be more present in the moment. My tense muscles start to relax and increase sensitivity in the parts of my body that feel good. I love the terpene taste marinating in my mouth. It satisfies my entire body.

Be forewarned though - the opposite can be said for certain products with a very high THC concentration, like a strong Indica, which can lead to zero action at all, and perhaps a nap instead.

The wonderful thing about being high and experiencing quick orgasms along with his incredible stamina is that I can achieve the highly sought after multiple orgasms during a single session. It’s a wow-factor that makes my body quiver and my toes curl, and even seems to make time stand still.

With this particular D8 high, my partner maintained elevated sensitivity and decreased anxiety - and maintained his erection. After his first orgasm, we both felt really good, and wanted even more.

We touched each other with our fingers and our tongues. He pinched my nipples, sending jolts of pleasure like a live wire right to my g-spot. I stroked his still-hard penis, and to my pleasure, we went for a round two.

The second round was truly intense - and lasted a whole lot longer. We played with multiple positions - from traditional missionary I lifted my legs and put my toes behind his ears. After that, he flipped me over to my belly and held my hands while he pulled me back and forth. Finally, he flipped me over onto my back and pulled my ankles until my hips lined up with the edge of the bed, where he was standing. He made me come again with the magic wand while he spanked me. After thinking he was done 45 minutes earlier, this was a mind-blowing result!

Cannabis can transform premature ejaculation from complete shutdown (and a disappointed partner) to simply round one of a much longer, more intense session full of elevated arousal, playful enthusiasm, and multiple intense orgasms. Exploring these feelings - mine, his, ours - with my partner is exciting.

This particular light Delta 8 Sativa is a strain that’s flowery and relaxing yet provides the ability to remain focused. I couldn’t be more pleased about how it enhanced this erotic session, and I’m excited to come back for more (puns intended)! I wonder what his plans are this evening…

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