Oh, Oh, Honestly! - Letting Go of Routine to Be Fully Present for Pleasure

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Oh, Oh, Honestly! - Letting Go of Routine to Be Fully Present for Pleasure

Last night, my gourmet chef of a partner was making magic happen with some leftover brisket. It was already slow-roasted from the day before and he was chopping it up to make some barbecue sliders. It smelled amazing and I was getting hungry while working away on an apple pie. I love to bake, but I haven’t done much in a long time. I figured I’d try to impress my man, so I made the whole thing from scratch.

We smoked some of our favorite Sour Diesel vape, enjoyed a beer, turned up some music, and had so much fun creating together in the kitchen.

Putting the pie into the oven, I casually mentioned that I was going to change into some comfy pants (I was still in my business attire from a meeting earlier in the day - weird), but he said to just take off the ones I had on. “You don’t need to put on any pants,” he said. “I’ll keep you warm.”

Mmm, music to my ears.

I’m typically a rule follower, so I did what I was told and took off my pants right there in the kitchen. He looked at me like I was crazy for a second, then I grabbed his hand and pulled him down the hall to the bedroom. I kissed him hard; I was horny as fuck. We sort of fell onto the bed, then he stopped. He whispered in my ear, “I guess I should turn off the stove,” and I just said, “yep.”

I started to peel off the rest of my clothes, and he was doing the same. He started kissing me intensely - warm and soft with a clear intention of where this was going next. Pushing my right knee to the side, he climbed in between my legs and slid himself right in, no lube needed. I was already dripping wet.

Something was different this time. He was pushing slowly and deeply inside me, all the way back to my cervix. The movements were smooth, reaching farther and farther inside me each time. I was relishing every second of this pleasure.

He sped up, and I literally asked him if he got a penis extension or something. It felt bigger than ever.

We went at it in that same position until I was almost at orgasm, then he pulled his hips back, sat up on his knees, flipped me over, and pulled my hips backwards so that my vagina slid right back around his dick. He started with a few slow and sensual pushes into me, then he pounded into me - hard. Holy shit.

This sensation was definitely borderline of pain and pleasure, then he added a bit of fuel to the fire by slapping my ass one cheek at a time. His pumps were in rhythm with his slaps, and good glory gracious, I was nearly screaming with pleasure each time. I think he likes my noises.

I had an explosion of an orgasm, and during that moment, he held his hard penis as far inside me as it could possibly go while my legs straightened and my toes curled. And he didn’t stop there. We rolled back over, face to face, and moved our hips in circles, just enjoying the sensations those motions provided. When the oven timer went off in the kitchen, we paused, and I put on his favorite flannel, and still no pants. I had to get that pie out of the oven!

We enjoyed a lovely dinner and dessert (we were actually really hungry!) and watched an episode of the new House of the Dragon series. After tidying up the kitchen, we moved into the bedroom to watch a second episode in the bed. I nearly fell asleep after that sweet action and a full belly, but we weren’t finished yet.

The goodnight kiss and cuddle escalated rapidly. I climbed on top of him, kissing him the same way as before with heated passion, then slowly slid my body down so that I could put his dick in my mouth. Sucking gently on the head of his dick, I moved my hand up and down his shaft. He rolled his head back into his pillow and let me play for a while. After trying a series of different rhythms and movements, I needed him back inside of me. I crawled back up and slid my body down over his, and we both moaned with satisfaction. After spending some time here, we both rolled onto our sides and he entered me from behind.

This was fun, and hitting a phenomenal spot in my pussy. I lifted my top leg, rolling onto my back, and laid that ankle onto his shoulder with my other leg splayed out on the bed in the other direction. I’m glad I’m flexible! He moved awkwardly for a moment and I asked him what he needed. “This is a great position for the Magic Wand,” he said, and after testing it out, I whole-heartedly agree. Just… wow. This is our new favorite position by the way. He even had an orgasm in the evening, which doesn’t happen all the time - a great indicator of how fantastic the position was. (He’s usually a morning-orgasm guy.)

I wasn’t exactly surprised or shocked by our double session, but rather surprised at ourselves that we had gotten into a pattern of sticking mostly to bedtime sex over the last couple of weeks. Yes, it’s wonderful every time, but having these moments of spontaneity truly makes for a more intimate and fun relationship.

Giving in to what plans or expectations may be, staying present in the moment, and allowing our bodies to do what feels good at the time - this is what life is really about. Not necessarily in a sexual way, though this is super important. The idea of releasing expectations, schedules, and timing is a super impactful to enjoy the little moments in life, because after all, these little moments are really the biggest things in life.

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