Oh, Oh, Honestly! - Mello Bottoms, Powerful Sex

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Oh, Oh, Honestly! - Mello Bottoms, Powerful Sex

Have you ever heard of the frequency illusion, where once you notice something for the first time it seems to pop up everywhere?

This is what was happening when I discovered Mellow Bottoms.

My partner and I have recently begun exploring anal. It’s still pretty new and doesn’t happen during every sexual encounter, though it is often at the forefront of my mind. I mean, I can’t stop thinking about it.

I keep noticing more websites, products, and podcasts discussing all things booty-loving. It’s only increasing my excitement about the subject, and the only negative is that I can’t figure out what took me so long to play around back there!

Recently, I came across Mello, a brand that creates CBD products including tinctures, caramels, and - get this - suppositories. Yes, my friend, CBD suppositories. You know ya girl had to purchase those, like immediately!

They arrived shortly after I ordered them, in a fancy, shiny pearlesque little package. I was excited just looking at it! That evening, I showed them to my partner who, wide-eyed and smiling, eagerly agreed that we must try this product out right away.

We knew that it would take a few minutes for them to dissolve and take effect, so we went ahead and lubed one up, gently placing it about an inch into my booty hole where it rested while we started making out. I was already naked at the time, so I helped my partner remove his clothes, as well. It wasn’t exactly slow and sexy; we kinda just worked together to rip them off at the moments when my mouth took a pause from his. 

Our make-out sessions don’t typically last very long. We’re always ready to get the D in the V. He went ahead and slid himself inside me, letting out a guttural sigh as he did so. I swear it’s like an immediate tension relief every single time. 

We started out in the missionary position. We rhythmically slid back and forth on each other, my hips tilted slightly upwards and grinding so that his dick was all. the. way. inside my pussy. Like, literally, we couldn’t have gotten that thing deeper in there! This deep rubbing was so fucking amazing, and I was soaking it in. He moved his knees up closer to my torso, put his hands under my butt to lift my hips, leaned his shoulders down, and continued thrusting slowly but forcefully. I couldn’t help but to let out a little moan with each push of his hips. It was forcing the breath out of my lungs in the most delightful way.

When we took a pause to bring his face up to look at me, I gave him a deep eye-to-eye stare before glancing down at his dick. He moved his body back several inches so that I could grab it, and instead of warming up my bottom with my butt plug, I just guided him right into the anus. 

It wasn’t exactly painful, though getting his dick past the sphincter and all the way in there was a bit trickier. Once it was in, however, holy glory be  - it felt sooo fucking grand!

He pushed gently in and out for a minute or so, then he sped up and really got going at it. The faster and harder he went, the more I wanted. I was so supremely aware of all of the tingling sensations happening in my bum, that I was practically overcome with pleasure, even without the warm-up that generally happens when I use that Chrystalino Pleaser I talked about here. I didn’t need the toy to warm me up; the CBD suppository did that for me.

I didn’t confirm this with my partner, but it seemed like pushing around in my bottom with the CBD hanging out in there helped him too - he came in my butt for the first time. When he did, he pushed really hard and held it there for that moment, and you know what? I came too. My orgasm had me practically screaming with pleasure while I moved my hips up and down so I could keep feeling his still-hard cock inside my butt for that minute or two. Even after, when he moved his body outside of mine, I felt an elevated awareness in and around my booty hole. It was like the pleasure was marinating in there for the longest time.

Once we settled down enough to move into an upright position, we strolled over to the shower. Delicately entering the stream of hot water, we washed each other’s body from the belly down. We turned the shower off, toweled ourselves dry, and lie back down on the bed while holding each other tight, still taking deep breaths to calm our bodies down. It was truly and absolutely a blissful experience.

Now, even though we sometimes joke about how much we like the butt sex and that’s all we’ll ever do moving forward, our typical D-in-the-V sex is still pretty amazing too. From what I understand, these Mello Bottoms suppositories can marinate inside the vagina to relax the muscles and stimulate the bundle of nerves inside of there as well.

Stay tuned, I’ll be discussing how this experience goes in my next article. I’m super excited to share that with you too; I’m exciting myself just thinking about it.

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