Oh, Oh, Honestly! - Mello In Other Ways

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Oh, Oh, Honestly! - Mello In Other Ways

You should’ve seen the look on my partner’s face when I said, “I’m gonna put one of these in my vagina.”

About a week prior, he helped me put a CBD suppository from Mello Bottoms into my, um, bottom. He knew exactly what that thing was and what that meant, and he seemed a bit surprised at the moment.

We were tired, had had busy days at work, and watched a couple of episodes of some Game of Thrones. (Yeah, he’s behind the times, but we’re okay with that and I’m happy to rewatch the intense sex, fighting, and fantasy that the GOT series is.) 

I came out of the bedroom looking for scissors because the only downside of this product is that it’s a bit challenging to get into the packaging. As I walked into his kitchen asking for his scissors, he literally said, “Who are you, and what have I done?!” 

A newer relationship at 46 years old, he’s still getting used to my horny-ass nature.

I opened up the suppository and tossed the wrapper into the trash, reached into my panties, and gently pushed the suppository into my vagina. The directions say to relax for a few minutes while the suppository dissolved, so I took off my clothes and lay down on his bed and waited on him to brush his teeth and climb into bed with me.

After his nighttime hygiene routine, he took off his own clothes and joined me in his fluffy, soft bed. Reaching his arms around my waist, he pulled my body closer to his own. “What does it feel like down there?” he asked. 

At that point, I wasn’t feeling much difference, so I simply replied, “Horny for you.”

He spread my knees apart and rolled me onto my back, placing himself at the ready position. Sliding himself into me slowly, little by little, his dick pleasantly and wholly filled my vagina. He pulled his hips backwards and pushed forward delicately at first, then maintaining the slow pullback, he began pushing in harder and harder. Damn.

I mean, of course he felt amazing; he always does. We went on like this for a while, then he pulled my right leg out from under his body. He lay on his side, pulling that right leg toward his cheek while my left leg pointed down toward the foot of the bed. If I were more flexible, it would’ve been a split. 

My hips were rolling side to side, front to back, and around and around while he pumped in and out in all directions. The places that his dick was reaching in my vagina were vast and titillating. My body was melting into a world of deliciousness —tingly, warm, and starting to throb. He placed his thumb on my clit easily with my legs spread so wide, then moved his hand rapidly back and forth and brought me to an explosive orgasm. 

This orgasm seemed to last forever. Obviously I didn’t have a timer going or anything, but I swear it was like five minutes. The rush was intense and I felt the flutter inside my body start off hard and continue intensely for forever before slowing to a pleasant throbbing which seemed like it would never stop.

My whole body shuddered, my toes pointed, and my legs trembled as I pulled him directly on top of me while they wrapped tightly around his body. I put my hands on his ass and held him deep inside me while the pulses in my body continued to squeeze around his dick. I didn’t want this to stop, and for a very long moment, it didn’t seem like it was going to. 

As we reluctantly let our bodies separate, we moved into a post-loving cuddle position. We faced each other, my leg over his waist and my hand around his neck. My head rested in the crook of his neck and his hands stroked my back gently from the base of my neck to the small of my back. We held each other in this tender position for a long while, my vagina never calming down.

The lingering tingle after this lovely orgasm literally lasted til I fell asleep. I was intensely aware of the feeling deep inside my body during the orgasm, the cuddle, and still as my eyelids became increasingly heavy and I started dreaming.

While the sex itself was just as lovely as usual while using the Mello Bottoms suppository in this way, the orgasm lingered longer than I typically experience. It’s pretty fucking amazing to have the tingle last like half an hour after the orgasm actually happened, and I definitely credit that to the CBD suppository and its resulting elevated sensations for that extended tingle.

This experience with CBD in my vagina (and the experience of the CBD in my booty described in my last article here) confirmed that the combination of cannabis and sex can elevate the experience in so many more ways than just being high and feeling good. Yes, of course being high during sex can elevate the experience in many ways, but it’s definitely noteworthy that applying CBD directly to the fun parts can surprisingly make for a holy-wow experience.

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