Oh, Oh, Honestly! - Seven Ways Cannabis is Transforming My Sex Life

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Oh, Oh, Honestly! - Seven Ways Cannabis is Transforming My Sex Life

We all know that when you find your favorite cannabis product, you’re going to feel good. But have you realized how powerful this feel-good feeling can be when you add sex into the mix?

So many mental and physical feelings are enhanced by swirls of THC and other isolates. The combination of sex, love, and intimacy is the epitome of pleasure.

Here’s a few things that I notice about that combination on a regular basis:

Since cannabis reduces anxiety, my inhibition disappears.

My inhibition is completely removed because cannabis removes my anxiety. Instead of worrying about what I look like or wondering if the movements I make are sexy, I can literally throw my cares away like I do with the covers. I just do what feels good and what feels like the right thing to do in the moment, without trying to think three steps ahead. The result is more confidence, and that in itself feels sexy as fuck.

I feel hornier than ever.

I swear, I know I’m horny all the time. When I’m high, though, sex is all I can think about! I’m more eager, wetter, and want to go for longer-lasting sessions pretty much any time I’ve consumed cannabis. Sometimes my partner and I will have a couple of after work puffs, and when he asks what I feel like doing, the look on my face is all he needs to grab my hand and take me to his bedroom. I think he likes that about me.

I am completely and totally relaxed.

It can be tough to be horny and tense at the same time. It’s even more difficult to be horny and stressed at the same time. Since cannabis quickly relaxes my mind and my body, mere minutes after a few puffs or about 20 minutes after an edible, my mind starts to slow down. I’m no longer overthinking the first sentence of a draft I turned in for a client, but can settle into a fully comfortable state. My muscles relax and my mind quits freaking out so that I can focus on what I really want to do - which is get naked.

Every sensation is elevated.

My partner describes this as his favorite part. When he’s high, he can feel my body more intensely. He touches my body in the same way, but is more aware of how my skin feels against his, and can even feel the inside of my body in a more intense way. He can feel my cervix, has a heightened sense of sliding in and out of my vagina, and is able to ejaculate more easily because his dick is happily feeling all the feelings. There are more endorphins flowing, sensations are elevated, and fucking just feels so fucking good!

I am truly in the moment.

Cannabis is a time machine. Sometimes when I’m having sex, thoughts pop into my mind of drab topics like work or what meal I’m going to order at dinner. I can push them away and bring myself back to the moment, but I feel like it’s really unfortunate that it happens at all. When I’ve consumed cannabis, that’s far less likely to happen. The wandering thoughts don’t penetrate through my brain, and I am nowhere but here with my partner. We each feel more holisitically, we’re able to read each other’s energy, and the excitement of watching each other enjoy the pleasure of moving from arousal to orgasm is literally the only thing on our minds. This is a magical elixir that makes the rest of the world disappear - all that’s real is being present and loving each other.

My orgasms get more intense.

Every orgasm is a good orgasm. Fantastic ones do occur, though, and thinking back on the last few months of amazing sex, every mind-blowing orgasm was at a time when cannabis was involved in one way or another. There’s more build-up, I stay at the brink a little longer, and when the inside of my body begins to tickle and quiver - the explosion of pleasure completely consumes me. My toes curl uncontrollably, my hands grasp tightly to the sheets, and the throbbing waves of pleasure travel throughout my entire body. It’s an orgasm on steroids.

The intimate connection feels more powerful.

It’s not all physical, either. Humans are mostly energy, and when I’m high, my energy vibrates differently. When my partner and I have sex high, of course it’s physically amazing. It’s also amazing to stare into each other’s eyes, to feel the smoothness of each other’s skin with long, slow strokes of our fingers, and wrap our bodies around each other in an intimate tangle of legs and arms. These moments are pure soul connection, something that is beyond the physical pleasure of getting off. We are creating a bond and building it stronger as we feel the pure love that surrounds us merge into each other. That energy connection is pleasure like no other, consuming our souls and strengthening our relationship. That’s truly the magic of experiencing amazing sex with the man that I’m in love with - maybe that’s why it’s called ‘making love’.

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