Oh, Oh, Honestly! - Sour Diesel and Sweet Loving

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Oh, Oh, Honestly! - Sour Diesel and Sweet Loving

Y’all, I gotta say, last week was a bitch.

I must’ve worked 173 hours, cleaned out my house super thoroughly (anyone looking to buy near Asheville?), and tried to be a person with kiddos and a relationship. My mind was racing, I didn’t sleep enough, and I neglected to allow myself any self care.

Except for one night.

A few days ago, I purchased a new cart from a local dispensary. Sour diesel is a strain that I’ve enjoyed before in flower form, but this was my first time using a vape of the same.

I closed my laptop early for the week, about 9:30 pm. The stress and anxiety of multiple deadlines had me all wound up, so I had a good five or six long pulls off of my pen to tell my brain that it was okay to slow down for the evening.

Not only had I been stressed from the week, I had also been missing my partner. We hadn’t had any intimate moments together for several nights, and I was ready to wrap myself around his body. Lucky for me, he was feeling the same way. 

The fun part about having the space to miss each other a little bit is that when we have the opportunity for a hook-up, we take it eagerly. And I mean very eagerly. 

I followed him into the bedroom where we stripped down, yanked the duvet off the bed, and grabbed onto each other, immediately feeling a sense of relief by being held and touched by the other. His soft lips and his face gently caressing mine and the urgency of his strong arms pulling my body toward him was a delicious combination. In less than two minutes, his dick was inside of me, just where I’d been wanting it to be for days.

Feeling a weight come off of my shoulders and a desire actively being fulfilled allowed my body to completely relax. The combination of the focused euphoria from the Sour Diesel and the happy, wet, tingling sensations coming from between my legs was nothing short of incredible.

With my knees resting on the outside of his shoulders, my partner was hitting a fantastic place inside my vagina. It wasn’t long before he gave me an orgasm, and continued to push his penis deeper inside me with each thrust. I was almost at my second orgasm when he came, and we enjoyed the sensations while lying back and soaking it in. I was still feeling like having orgasm number two, and was gently rocking my hips so that my clit was rubbing against his thigh. I said something about waking him up at 5:00 am for another go-round, and he said something like "you want some more right now?”

To which I gave him a slight nod and tilted up the corner of my lip. It was about to get serious.

He stood up at the side of his bed and pulled my legs so that my body was perpendicular to the headboard. He handed me my Magic Wand and put his still-hard dick right back where it belongs.

The second orgasm didn’t take long.

And y’all, we didn’t stop there.

We played with the position of my legs as he kept pumping and rolling his hips. He rolled me over and gave my ass a few hot slaps, going at it from behind for a while. I rolled him over, giving myself a good ride while he soaked in the pleasure. I don’t know how long we kept going or how many more orgasms I had, but it felt like hours and I swear there might’ve been five.

When we were done, we both kinda just laid back, resting our heads on the scattered pillows, catching our breath and feeling our bodies tingling. Holding my hand, my partner looked over at me and said, “It was nice not thinking about work for a change.”

I was shocked - I completely forgot about the big article that was due in two days and the fact that my house is about to hit the market. I had been so focused on our pleasure session that I wasn’t thinking about a damn thing else. I was immersed in the physical and mental euphoria, feeling my body and my partner’s, and soaking in some much-needed love making.

After a mind-boggling number of orgasms on a happy high like this, I’m officially declaring Sour Diesel to be my new favorite strain. If you could buy stock in that, I’d suggest you do so, ‘cause I’m about to find the flower, gummies, and tinctures to match!

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