Oh, Oh, Honestly! - Sunday Morning Blyss with Not Pot Sleep Bath Soak

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Oh, Oh, Honestly! - Sunday Morning Blyss with Not Pot Sleep Bath Soak

I gotta be honest, sometimes my reality does not match my intention.

When I came across Not Pot’s CBD infused Sleep Bath Soak, I intended to pour a hefty amount into my bathtub after my kiddos went to sleep, relax away the day’s stressors, and see if I could actually sleep through the night without my frequent 3 AM wake-up-and-ponder-what-life’s-about-right-now spells.

And I still plan on doing that, but my initial soaking session turned out to be at 9 AM on a Sunday. Let me tell you: this is how you should be doing your Sunday mornings!

It all started with a Saturday night sleepover at my partner’s place. We were both kid-free and looking forward to an evening of relaxed adulting. We tested out some fresh flower in his brand new glass pipe, had a delectable dinner on the couch (I swear we do eat dinner at the table sometimes), and watched some fascinating foodie shows on TV.

Earlier in the evening, I had contemplated trying out this bath soak together, but after smoking that flower and eating some delicious food, we were already a pleasant combination of horny and relaxed, so right into bed we went.

We had a fan-fucking-tastic love-making session! He rolled on top of my naked body, got me really wet by licking and sucking on my nipples, and guided himself right into me without even using his hands. My favorite position of the evening was when he flipped me over to my belly, handed me the Magic Wand, and repeatedly pulled my hips backwards onto his dick. Bouncing me from behind created a fantastic sensation with that Wand vibrating between my clit and the mattress, and I had an orgasm that made me feel sorry for his neighbors.

It was wonderful for me, and he was having a lot of fun, but he couldn’t come. I promised in the morning I would throw the covers off of him and hop right on as soon as I woke up.

That’s what I pretty much did, though I threw in a blow job first.

Giving blow jobs is really fun for me - I love to hear the sighs of pleasure from his mouth as my lips slide up and down his hard cock. I playfully grabbed his ass and pulled him closer, then moved my hand around to his balls, putting a slight pressure just behind them while mimicking the up-and-down movements of my mouth. I’m pretty sure he loved it, because once I started my ride, it wasn’t long before he got to have his own strong and vocal orgasm. He’s so fucking hot when he comes!

Since it was only 6:45 am, we lazily laid around in his bed, drank a cup of coffee, and talked about our plans for the day.

We decided to reserve one of the hot tubs at a nearby natural hot spring. This facility is amazing - they have several private jetted hot tubs facing the river that you can rent by the hour. Each tub has a small deck and a three-sided wall for privacy. They drain each tub after each group, and it refills with fresh hot spring water each session. Some tubs even have little fire pits and a seating area too, but we’ll save that for the winter.

We drove to the nearby town and checked in for our tub reservation. Keeping our morning as relaxed as our evening prior, we brought our new favorite vape - a calming yet focused Sativa - as well as Not Pot’s Sleep Bath Soak! After being shown to our private tub, we stripped down and had a couple of puffs, and I poured in a generous helping of the gloriously lavender-scented salts.

Climbing into the steaming aromatic water felt amazing and smelled absolutely glorious! It was pleasantly surprising that the lavender scent smelled just like the top-of-the-line lavender essential oil that I use, definitely the opposite of that overly flowery cheapo smell that you can find in the candles at discount box stores. Not Pot must use the real deal!

Within about 10 minutes, the experience was nothing short of euphoric. The hot mineral water was relaxing our muscles, the Sativa was relaxing our minds, and this CBD infused lavender bath soak was relaxing our souls!

We didn’t talk much, but sat together staring at the small rapids in the river and the handful of yellow leaves already fluttering their way down to the water from the boughs of the trees.

The intimate connection was freaking amazing, the icing on the cake of an already blissful Sunday morning.

We began to touch each other, smoothly stroking each other’s arms and shoulders, feet and toes.

He touched my face, using his thumbs to put gentle pressure slowly across my cheekbones, temples, and upper lips in a surprisingly sensuous face massage, then I gave him one in return.

We held each other in the center of the tub, our cheeks softly brushing together as we moved our arms along each other’s back.

Something else was gently touching too. I could feel his penis gently touch my vulva multiple times before eventually coming to a rest Right There. My consciousness was having the argument of ‘you can’t have sex in a hot tub’ vs ‘they drain and clean the tubs after each use anyway.’ Guess who won that argument.

I pulled his hips close to mine and, despite being submerged in water, his dick slid right in. This experience was a different sort of lovemaking. Movements were slow, steady, and deep. We stared into each others’ eyes, just feeling how good it felt. Our hips rolled slowly in small circles as we played with the sensation. Then, instead of going after another orgasm, we sat there together enjoying being held and loved, immersed in the hot healing mineral water enhanced with CBD and lavender.

The intimate connection was freaking amazing, the icing on the cake of an already blissful Sunday morning.

While this was not an evening experience like you’d expect from a “sleep” soak, we definitely left that tub fully relaxed with our fresh, soft lavender-scented skin. We slowly eased into the rest of our delightful day, nothing at all to rush about, without a care in the world.

In case you are curious, yes, I did have my very own Not Pot Sleep Bath Soak the next evening. I turned on my meditation app and played a guided meditation, leaned my head against the back of my bathtub, and folded my knees so that I could submerge as much of my legs as possible into the water. Breathing deeply, the lavender scent filled my nose while the warm CBD water helped to relax my body. It was calming and relaxing, and felt absolutely luxurious. I had an amazing night’s sleep, dreaming of my partner, and having a bigger bathtub in my own house. 


1) Packaging - 10 - The bag of Bath Soak was large (like I like it), clean, and simple. The lavender bag is definitely aesthetically pleasing for a product meant to be used in the evening. No colorful or loud distractions.

2) Touch & Texture - 10 - The contents felt like smooth sand, fine grained and less course than plain epsom salt or other bath salts I’ve used.

3) Smell - 10 - Impressive! I’ve smelled lavender things that smell nothing like actual lavender, but Not Pot’s Bath Soak smelled just like being in a lavender field or my favorite top-of-the-line organic essential oil.

4) Flavor & Mouthfeel - N/A

5) Potency - 10 - The CBD and lavender scent was definitely relaxing. Soaking in the tub, I literally could feel the stressors of the day begin to melt. The combination of the smell, the CBD, and the warm water is lovely, to say the least!

6) Comfort - 10 - This is amazing to use, great for relaxing at the end of the day - and also wonderful for setting the tone of a blissful day!

7) Value - 10 - I am incredibly satisfied with this product! While a bit on the pricey side, it provided a truly luxurious experience. I wouldn’t use it every day because of the cost, but it is a fantastic treat yo-self product!


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