Oh, Oh, Honestly! - Orgasms Intense As F*ck

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Oh, Oh, Honestly! - Orgasms Intense As F*ck

It doesn’t take much to elevate a good time into a great time. Only about three drops, actually. Here’s how I know.

I promised my partner a delicious home-cooked dinner with a movie on the couch after our vacation to the coast of Maine. We both were ready to relax, stay in, and enjoy some time together.

After a productive work day, I grabbed the supplies that I needed and headed over to his place. On my menu: spaghetti squash carbonara – both rich and mostly vegetables. Once I plated dinner and he poured a glass of wine, we sat on the couch and turned on the TV.

Dinner was delicious! We ate and we sipped wine, then we put our dishes to the side and leaned into each other for some sweet snuggling.

What started as a bit of flirtatious touching while watching the movie quickly turned into slowly removing one piece of clothing, then another, then another - except my skirt. He likes this soft brown cotton skirt, and sometimes it gets to stay on.

Our sex often starts by making out on the couch then quickly moving on into the bedroom where our bodies can roll and tangle without a care in the world. Last night, however, we stayed put. He turned me sideways and laid me down, then pushed my skirt up to my belly button. With his hands he gently lifted one foot onto the cushions and placed my other foot on the floor, my legs splayed out wide open for him to see everything clearly.

Photo Credit: Dusan Jovic

He leaned forward, his eyes staring into mine as he lowered his face to my clit. Placing his mouth over me, his tongue tickled all around my vulva. He purred on me, sending a vibrating sensation through my entire body.

I leaned forward to grab his hips, pulled them towards mine, and he slid right in. We played with this position as he pushed my legs toward my head. After a while, I pushed him by the shoulders so that he could take a turn lying back on his comfy couch. I readjusted my body to climb on top of him, slid right down onto his dick, and slowly moved my hips towards his torso and back again. He grabbed my hips, moving me faster and faster… then the phone rang.

It was fine. He had to take the call, and I needed a chug of water and a sip of wine. 

That movie was clearly not as exciting as what we’d been up to on the couch, and after the phone call, we turned off the TV and headed to the bed where we could continue.

That pause subdued the passion a bit, so we chose to give ourselves a little jump start and break out my Horny As F*ck CBD Arousal Oil. He dripped a couple of drops of the silky smooth white liquid right onto his penis, then put another drop right onto my clit. 

 Explore Horny as F*ck

For use with solo play or with a partner, our CBD Arousal Oil packed with libido enhancers is the perfect compliment to any intimate occasion. It moisturizes the most delicate of skins while relieving discomfort and increasing sensation & relaxation.

Rubbing it in, he stroked his cock, getting it back to raging hard while I used my fingers to massage the lube around my clit and down to my vagina. It didn’t take long before I was increasingly enjoying the sensation of my fingers exploring the outside of my labia. We were both definitely Horny As F*ck, so he laid me back and slid right back into me.

Photo Credit: Dusan Jovic

The best part about the elevated arousal that a top-notch lube product provides is that my pussy stays as wet as Cardi B’s. It’s easy to move around, change positions, and play without losing the ability to glide right back in every time. What happened next? Missionary got really exciting!

Instead of a passive position, we switched it up all kinds of ways. As my legs opened wider, he leaned back to grab my ankles, wrapping them around his legs for extra grip as we moved back and forth in synchronization. 

I put my feet behind his head. 

He brought both legs together, sitting upright on his knees with my ankles in front of his face. 

He pushed my ankles wide apart, kissing and licking my calf as he pushed his dick farther and farther into my body.

He gave me an intense orgasm, and was able to keep going long enough to have a body-rush of an orgasm himself, which doesn’t always happen for him. 

I mean, wow. Loving this good is intoxicating.

Needless to say we both slept extremely well after a release that intense. This morning as the sky was just beginning to brighten, we wanted to do that again!

The morning session started with a few drops of Horny As F*ck. He slid right in, warming me up with a deep, yet slow and gentle, massage inside my body, teasing my g-spot until I was urging him to move faster. He stood up at the side of the bed and handed me my favorite toy – the Magic Wand.

Pulling me to the edge of the bed, he pumped his hips forward and backward as I gently rubbed the vibrating Wand across my clit, making me come within minutes. I know that he can feel those vibrations through my body and I always try to keep it up for him, but my goodness, the pleasure was so intense that I had to put that thing down!

Climbing back onto the bed, he put my ankles on his shoulders, and it didn’t take long for him to have another intense orgasm, too. 

Hello Blyss’s Horny As F*ck contains a whopping 300 mg of CBD in each bottle, and let me tell you, that concentration seriously elevates sensitivity. Since there is such an increase in blood flow directly where you need it, having intense orgasms seems almost guaranteed. I could feel the pleasure rising deep in my body even before penetration!

If you are looking to turn your orgasms up a notch, this CBD lube is definitely a tool that you need in your toolbox. I’m glad to have it in mine, and I can’t wait to use it again. I’ll be at home all by myself for the next two nights, so you can imagine what I’ll be doing to pass the time.

 Explore Horny as F*ck

For use with solo play or with a partner, our CBD Arousal Oil packed with libido enhancers is the perfect compliment to any intimate occasion. It moisturizes the most delicate of skins while relieving discomfort and increasing sensation & relaxation.

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