Set Intention

Set Intention Endurance & Energy Mushroom Drops


Cordyceps are sort of like caffeine's older, wiser and better natured sibling that wasn’t cool till after highschool. This mushroom’s energy and endurance boosting super powers come from a teeny tiny little molecule called cordycepin. Research shows that cordycepin enhances cellular energy and supports other biologically functions relevant to performance. For you, it means that Cordyceps are a great choice in the morning to get your day moving or for a little afternoon pick-me-up between meetings. Pro tip: try cordyceps after a nap.


Shake well and dispense into your favorite beverage. Let go of what you were doing a minute ago - just be present - set an intention and take a deep breath. When your done drink up and carry on with your day. 


Organic Cane Alcohol, Filtered water, Organic Cordyceps, Organic Myceliated Brown Rice

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